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Online Video Poker Overview

Video Poker games are very popular among online gamblers. There are different versions of video poker that can be found on literally thousands of online casinos. The most popular types are All American, Jacks or Better, Joker Wild, Deuces Wild and Double Bonus among others. The payout table differs from one version to another. The payout table for each video poker game can be found easily underneath the machine. This way you can check the payout table before placing any wagers on any video poker machine.

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Video poker is an easy game and it resembles playing a five card draw poker. You only need to know is the ranking of poker hands and the rules for each version of video poker and you will be good to go. If you do not know the different versions of the game, here are some of the popular and most played versions of video poker:

1- Joker Wild:

This game uses the traditional card deck with fifty two cards and adds a wild card, the joker, hence the naming “Joker Wild”. The Joker, the wild card can replace any card to make a winning combination and it is used to create the most powerful hand in poker, 5 of a kind. The minimum winning hand rank is a pair.

2- Jacks or Better:

This video poker version is the recommended one for all of the players who are new to video poker. It uses a usual deck of cards. In this game, players are always advised to bet the maximum bet. For instance, if players place the maximum 5 coins on a non progressive video poker machine, they will be able to win four thousand coins if they get the highest poker hand, the royal flush.

3- King of the Decks:

This game uses 5 card decks. The bonus of this game is that players who get five kings of clubs will hit the progressive jackpot of the machine. Since the machine uses five decks, the chances of a pair are very high so the minimum wining rank is two pairs.

4- Deuces Wild:

In this version of video poker that uses a standard fifty two cards deck, the four 2’s are used as wild cards, hence the name of the version, “Deuces Wild”. Due to the additional bonus that results from the 2’s being used as wild cards. In this game, the minimum paying rank is 3 of a kind. This means if players get a pair or two pairs, they will not be winners.

Since video poker is played on a machine, the game’s procedure is quite different from the normal table poker games. Here is the procedure of the game explained in simple steps that can be easily followed:

Video Poker Procedure

The procedure of playing the game is very easy and simple. It can be easily played by people who never tried the game before; they will just need to follow these simple steps:

1- You check the different versions of video poker and select one that fits your budget and skills.

2- After you choose a version, you will start by making a coin deposit into the machine in order to place bets. You will not be able to play or ask for cards before you place a bet. This bet is final and it can’t be changed throughout the game.

3- After placing the bet, you will be able to click on the Draw or the Deal button. The machine is going to give you five cards. This is the first poker hand.

4- You will then decide if you want to discard all of the cards or if you want to hold all or some of them. You can choose the cards you want by clicking the Hold button that is located underneath the cards or by clicking on the cards themselves.

5- After deciding on the cards you want to hold and the cards you want to discard, click the Deal or the draw button to get new cards to replace the ones you wanted to discard.

6- After the new cards are dealt, this will be your final poker hand and your winnings will be decided according to power of your poker hand. It is important to know that each version of video poker has a minimum rank for a winning hand and a different payout table. So before you decide on a version, know the pay table and the minimum required hand for a win.