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Blackjack is you versus the dealer.  It’s always been like that and now at some online casinos you get the choice between a live human dealer or the computer dealers.  The basic goal of a good game of blackjack is that the player score twenty-one points in the combination of their cards.  All face cards are worth ten points, the ace is worth one or eleven and then numeric cards are their value.  In most casinos you can play multiple hands if you want to and then to make it even more fun, if you get two of the same card, you are allowed to split them into two hands.  Each hand from a split generally only gets one more card and that’s it.  There are optimum cards to split on and those are the ones that best give you a chance at blackjack.  Don’t forget that when you split your cards, that bet is doubled.  Most casinos will also let you double down on splits, so there is quite a lot of money to win in this strategy.  Splitting on a 20 is a bit ridiculous though.  



Summary of Rules

Playing Blackjack

There’s very few rules to have to memorize when playing blackjack.  There’s only a few modes of action that a player can take and those are hit, stand, take insurance, double down and split.  

When you stand that simply means that you are telling the dealer that you are happy with the cards that you have and do not want anymore.  

Splitting, as was explained above, is turning your one hand into two hands when you have matching cards.

Insurances is a way to protect your bet against the possibility that the dealer is in possession a blackjack when an ace is showing.  Most people don’t take insurance, but if you want to it’s basically just a bet that the dealer owns a ten valued card.

Hit is when you ask for another card.  You can hit as many times as you would like on a standard blackjack hand (not one that was split) so that you can get 21.  

Double down is where you place an additional bet that matches the amount of your original bet.  You are then allowed one more card.  This is best done when you believe that one more card will give you 21.

Blackjack Strategy

A blackjack strategy is simply knowing when to hit and when to stand.  The dealer has to stand on 17 at most casinos so you will always want to try to beat 17.  Remember that if you don’t take a card, that next card could bust a dealer. 

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